Crafting An Essay About How Technology Has Improved Our Lives

You want to create a piece of writing about how technology and its ever changing nature has improved the lives of humans over the past decades. You are probably wondering where to start and how to go about the whole ordeal of researching points to make a good case. Well hopefully this article will make writing your article a tad bit easier.

  1. The first and foremost important thing in crafting any essay is an impeccable introduction that sets the mood for the whole essay. It should be brief and should convey what it is the author, you, will be discussing. You may even end it with a question, the answer to which will be discussed throughout the body of the paper. This will leave the reader with a bit of suspense as he sets to read the body.
  2. As for the body, take a moment to observe everyone and everything around you. What are they doing? Your mother might be cooking, your dad might be shouting away at the television, your friend might be on his laptop working on his project. What do they all have in common? They are all using technology developed in the past few decades. Now dig deeper. Question what would happen if none of the things you observed existed. How would things be different?
  3. You may also now face the topic on a more global scale. You could juxtapose the medical industry in the 1900s and the industry in this century. Talk about the medical advancements since then, how the life expectancy has increased, how diseases like Tuberculosis and the likes, which were once considered fatal can now be easily cured.
  4. You can then discuss at a universal level. Talk about NASA and how it is looking for life on Mars and how planets similar to Earth have been discovered. There was a time when people were awed by planes soaring the sky. And now, companies such as Tesla are contributing to building sci-fi inspired space ships and rockets.
  5. Lastly, you may talk about the Internet of Things. The idea of all your gadgets connected, forming an ecosystem of information to enrich further and make easier the lives of people. It is a very popular topic at the moment making a lot of heads turn.
  6. End your paper with a breath-taking conclusion that leaves the reader satisfied with what you have written. He should finish the essay completely pleased with the information you have given and the way you have wrapped it up in your conclusion.

The fascinating thing about technology, as mentioned before, is that it is ever-changing. Products a company might have released yesterday is already too old as people come up with newer things. There is so much to talk about so do not at any point feel that you have run out of things to say. Good luck!

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