Practical tips on how to compose a strong persuasive essay for middle school

Most middle schools include persuasive essay writing as the part of the curriculum. They also affect the grades and hence the students need to take persuasive writing seriously. Here are some practical tips to make write a persuasive composition for middle school.

Determine the topic

Identifying the topic is one of the most important as well as difficult tasks. In the middle school, usually the topic is given to the students by the teachers. However, if you have been asked to choose a topic, choose the one that interests you. This will make sure that you don’t get bored while writing.

Create an outline

Creating an outline is not as much required while writing the essay for middle school as it is for a college thesis. However, having some sort of framework to build upon would be great. While you might have the mental outline, it would be best to put it on the paper. This will make your writing more organized and structured. It will also help you maintain the flow.

Research well

Research is the key when it comes to writing the persuasive paper for middle school (or for that matter any type of writing.) Research well and find all the facts, opinions, quotes, and resources related to the topic. The writing backed by facts creates greater influence on the minds of the readers. Also, well researched article speaks of your dedication and efforts you put in.

Impressive introduction

The opening sentences of the essay will set the tone for the rest of the reading experience. This is why it is important to make them attention grabbing. Use the words that bring your message to life by creating imagery. Use of figurative language will create better reader engagement. The opening paragraph should be able to clearly explain the topic of the writing. It should also make the standpoint of the writer clear. For example, the opening paragraph may include a sentence like, “Middle school students should be afforded the time for physical trainings. Physical activity has a profound impact on efficiency and productivity.”

Impactful Body

The body of the writing should clearly elaborate on the topic introduced in the opening paragraph. It must strengthen the opinions expressed in the introduction with facts and analysis. For the topic related to physical training, the writer may focus on the benefits of the workouts and physical activities on the students and back it with the statistics and data.

Message reinforced with closing

Closing should attempt to deliver the final punch. It must briefly reiterate the purport of the topic and why the reader must agree with the writer.

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